Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel

Last week my wife and kids were returning from Coimbatore to Chennai after the summer vacation. I got up early by 4 am and started towards Central in my car. It was pitch dark in the morning and when I was just crossing the vavin bus stop on the ambattur estate road, I saw a person with a stick in his hand was trying to cross the road. I suddenly realized that the person may be blind and stopped my car and proceeded towards him. He was going front for a few steps and when he hears the sound of any vehicle he is coming back as it was full dark. I went near him and helped him cross the road.

He was telling me that he is working in a factory in the Ambattur Industrial Estate and his company vehicle will drop him after one hour but he likes to go home early which is near the Mogappair so as to save time and doesn’t want to sit idle after his shift hours. I told him that since he is working to take care of him and his family not to take risk by starting in the dark from office and told him to start after there is little light so that people can identify him. I made him cross and went to central and picked my family.

The story doesn’t ends here.

I returned home and was reading that weeks tamil magazine “Ananda Vikadan” wherein there was an article titled “Uyir atra irul savam and uyirulla irul sivam” by Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, meaning darkeness without life is death and darkness with life is God. He was mentioning in the article that he likes darkness and in his child hood he use to like the lightning thunder and also walking in the darkness.

He used to walk in a railway track in the western ghats between Hasan and Mangalore. The railway track was 36 kilo meters having many bridges and tunnels. In the tunnels there will not be any ray of light and it will be pitch dark and he used to walk in the track without torch and one cannot even know whether he his walking with eyes open or not and bats used to fly over him without hitting as they don’t depend on the light to identify the objects.

Jaggi tells, at that point you will realize that light is temporary and darkness is permanent. Even the life of Sun is temporary whereas the darkness prevails always. The Universe was born in the lap of the darkness which even the modern science has accepted. Whatever we see with our eyes will not give a full dimension hence the religion talks about the third eye. In Isha one will be taught to realize beyond his five senses. If that third eye is opened for you light will flow within you and in that state, the darkness will not be a fearful one.

Jaggi adds, “Guru is not the person who removes darkness but explains the true knowledge of the darkness”.

After reading this article a question is running in my mind whether the person whom I saw in the morning was blessed or I?

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