Friday, June 5, 2009

Cause for all the causes

Sri Karaneeswarar Temple - Saidapet

I was earlier residing near K.K. Nagar and from there Saidapet is hardly about less than 5 kilo meters. Whenever I used to go our terrace I could able to see one big temple tower. Also I could able to see the Temple tower very near from my current (MTS) office. I used to mention about this to my friend that we should visit this temple once.

Last amavasya day I was preparing to perform tarpanam/oblations I opened the paper used to cover the darbai wherein there was an article on Karaneeswarar temple. I made it a point to visit the same day and was able to see the Lord Karaneeswara along with his concert Swarnambikga. I got the seedlings to visit Arunachaleshwara inside this temple. Now let’s know about this temple.

Karaneeswarar temple is in the North West of Saidapet Railway station. Here, Sri Karaneeswarar is met in the form of Siva Linga facing east. Swarnambikai is the name of the Goddess. In the month of Chitirai, on the day of Chitirai star, 10th day Theerthavaari Urchavam is celebrated. It will be followed by the grand car festival. Sri Karaneeswarar Temple Worshipped by Sage Vasishta, this 12th century temple is located in the Bazaar Street of Karaneeswararpet.

The Shiva lingam here is in “square” shape as seen in only Thirukkadaiyur and Kalahasthi. Since Shiva is the reason for everything, He is called Karaneeswarar (Karanam in Tamil means reason). Long ago, the mango trees were found knitted closely here. So this place is also called "Mavanam”. The Lord of the place is “Aadikaaranamoorthy” meaning the Lord is cause for everything. Hence the name "Karaneeswarar" in Tamil.

Legend was that when Sage Vasishta was performing pooja was disturbed by the divine cow “Kamadhenu” which he took it over from Indra, cursed it to become a wild cow. Indra in order to regain Kamadhenu with the help of his vehicle “cloud” (Kaarmegam) made this place very cool, made a garden and worshipped Lord Shiva and recouped his divine cow. Sage “Sivachaitanya” and emperor “Thondar” worshipped in this temple. It is easy to visit this temple as there is more train and bus facility to this place. If we happen to face any hurdle in the marriage of our house, it is enough if we report Lord Karaneeswarar. All the hurdles will vanish! Also there is a special sannadhi for the Lord Saneeshwara in this temple.

Please visit “Karaneeswara” and “Swarnambiga” and get their blessings!

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