Saturday, May 16, 2009

My experiments in Dining - Matsya

My experiments in Dining - Matsya Hotel, Egmore.

I was on the way to Coimbatore to attend a family function last week. I decided to go the Chennai Central direct from my office. I was driving past Egmore and decided to stop at Hotel Matsya. The Hotel is named after the First incarnation or avatar of Maha Vishnu “Matsya” meaning “Fish”. There are only limited space for the car parking. I gave my keys to the valet parking guy and rushed inside the Hotel as I need to catch my Train (Cheran Express).

I enquired the waiter what is the special in this Hotel, he told “Udipi Special Thali”. Then I decided to venture it out. The ambience inside the Hotel was good and it was air conditioned. They started serving me the “Udupi Thali” with the starter as “Rasa Vada”. The vada was soft and was soaked in mint and coriander rasam. Then came small Mangalore appam, kuzhi appam, and mangalore bondas before the meal. I was half filled with this itself and was little scared whether I will be able to complete the full course of the meal?!

The second series was served with two different dosas i.e. Keera dosa and Puli-Uppu-Kara-Dosa. The first one was made of “Greens” and the second one was a deadly combination with Salt, Sour and Hot. The side dishes for this include sambar and few coloured chutnies.
The third serving contains Bisibela bath, one cup of chitrannam or variety rice, with side dishes like fried small applams and vegetables curries.

I was asking the waiter “is this over and can I make a move?”. He replied coolly please wait we are going to serve one more item! I was about to run away from the scene before that they finally gave “Neer dosa” served with coconut and jaggerry mix. Before they serve anything further I rushed to the wash room!

When the bill came I was surprised that all the above came at a nominal charge of Rs. 99/- (product managers please note!). I paid the bill and rushed to Chennai Central to catch my train!

Wanna try this hotel? Please visit Matsya # 1, Halls Road, Egmore, Chennai.

My experiments will continue……..please bear with me….

Anand Vasudevan


A.V. Devan said...

Hope u will take me next time - Sridhar

Dreamer said...

Matsya is defly a very good place.. I'd say it s the best i have been @ chennai.. !!You should try other dosas with 'never heard of names', all of em are good :)